Source code for pycarla.jackserver

import shutil
import time

import jack

from .generics import ExternalProcess
from .utils import Popen, find_procs_by_name, kill_psutil_process

[docs]class JackServer(ExternalProcess): def __init__(self, options): """ Starts a jack server with given options and create a dummy client named `pycarla` to query and interact with it Args ---- `options` : list[str] list of options to be passed to Popen """ super().__init__(options) self.options = options if not shutil.which('jackd'): raise Warning( "Jack seems not to be installed. Install it and put the \ ``jackd`` command in your path.")
[docs] def start(self): """ Starts the server if not already started """ try: self.process = find_procs_by_name('jackd')[0] except (IndexError, jack.JackOpenError) as e: print("Jack server is not running, starting it!") if not self.process.is_running(): self.process = Popen(['jackd'] + self.options) else: raise e time.sleep(1)
[docs] def restart(self): """ Wait for the duration of this `ExternalProcess`, then kill and restart. If the duration is not set, it doesn't return """ self.wait() self.start()
[docs] def kill(self): kill_psutil_process(self.process) super().kill()