The backbone of this project are the multiple dependencies on which it depends. Since it’s difficult to provide a script to automatically install all of these dependencies, here is a little handbook about how to install them.


  1. Use Linux: it’s free. For Windows and Mac, you can still install Carla and Jack by yourself; however, I refuse to support non-free software.

  2. In general, use to look for the command needed in your distro.

  3. Install: jackd 1.9

  4. Make sure that it is available in your PATH environment variable

1. Installing pycarla

pip install --upgrade pip pycarla

2. Installing jack

  1. Ubuntu/Debian based: sudo apt-get install jackd2

  2. Arch based: sudo pacman -Sy jack2

  3. Gentoo based: sudo emerge -a media-sound/jack2

  4. Fedora based: sudo dnf install jack-audio-connection-kit

For other Os, pre-built binaries are available at

3. Installing Carla

After having installed the package, run python -m pycarla.carla --download to download the correct version of Carla.

If you’re not in Linux, pre-built binaries for major OS available at

N.B. Configure Carla in ``patchbay`` mode (if you cannot use GUI, set ``ProcessMode=3`` into ``~/.config/falkTX/Carla2.conf``)

Development setup

  1. Install poetry: curl -sSL | python

  2. Enter root directory of this project

  3. poetry update

  4. Put all the Carla configurations that you want to use in data/carla_proj Note that you can use the default ones, provided you have the same plugins available, otherwise you have to delete the default project files.

Used plugins are:
  1. Run poetry run -m pycarla <a_midi_file.mid> to do a little test