A python module for synthesizing MIDI events and files from python code using any kind of audio plugin!

A python module based on carla and jack!

Why so many external dependencies?

Python has no strong real-time capabilities since it cannot run with parallel threads. This method delegates most of the realtime stuffs to external C/C++ programs, improving the performances and the accuracy against pure-Python based approaches. Namely, the synthesis and the management of plugins is delegated to Carla, while the MIDI messaging and audio recording is done in python using C Jack API.

This method is really portable and supports almost any type of plugins and virtual instruments thanks to the excellent Carla:

  1. Linux VST2/VST3

  2. Windows VST2/VST3

  3. LV2


  5. DSSI

  6. AU

  7. SF2/SF3

  8. SFZ

  9. Any other format supported by external plugins


  1. Federico Simonetta

    federico.simonetta at